Family Days

21 Jul

Working shift work, I am never guaranteed to have a weekend off.  Now that I am casual, I try to schedule the majority of my shifts on evenings or weekends to save on childcare.  Ty normally works Monday to Friday, but recently had some weekend overtime too.

We usually try to have a family day where we do a purposeful activity when we have a shared day off.  Yesterday after a very lazy start to the morning, we tossed around a few ideas.  I was working at 7pm, so we couldn’t go too far and decided on Waterton National Park, about an hour and half away.


We packed up the girls and hit the road.  I commented to Tyler how lucky we are to have such good car travellers.  Abby is happy to sit and watch the scenery go by and Gracelyn almost always falls asleep. Although I am sure the day will come, I am grateful we don’t need to pack toys and ipads and distractions for shorter rides like this.  I am so happy they are willing to entertain themselves or each other!


I took this one on the ride home

When we got there, Abrielle was so excited to see the waterfall. We made it our first stop and took the obligatory picture that neither girl posed for!


We then went for a little climb, or ” ‘benture walk” as Abby calls it.  This is by far her fave thing to do anywhere we go, and Gracie kept up despite the steep incline!  It was a good way to stretch the legs after a car ride.


We walked around the town for a bit and decided to grab a late lunch.  The girls were starving and so were we!  We forgot how pricey tourist towns are, but it was still delicious.


I have poor Gracie that ugly scratch on her face with my nail accidentally that morning! Poor babes.


After lunch we walked around a bit more and stopped at the candy store for an ice cream.  Gracelyn shared with Ty and Abby and got a sucker instead, and I opted for a fresh popped bag of popcorn.



Too soon it was time to leave, but we drove up the mountain to see Cameron Lake quickly.  It is gorgeous, and we already have a trip planned to do a picnic and spend the day there soon! 

The girls fell asleep not two minutes into the ride home and didn’t wake up until we hit Lethbridge again.  It was a short day, but well worth the trip.  I hope our ladies remember these little impromptu road trips and times we share as a family, and I hope even more they want to keep doing it as they get older!.

2 Responses to “Family Days”

  1. Alycia July 21, 2014 at 10:07 pm #

    I’ve never been to waterton before, in the 10 years I’ve lived here. Is it an ok place to bring an 18 month old? I’d love to do some hiking but obviously Palmer couldnt. We could use the ergo but I think it would make everyone hot and sweaty!!! Glad you guys had a great day!!!!

    • sunnykatie July 21, 2014 at 10:13 pm #

      Absolutely! There is a park and a spray park and lots to see in the little town. You can even rent little bike trolleys. Bears Hump isn’t a very long hike (but steeper switchbacks) and has a great view!

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