24 Jul

I was cleaning the kitchen after supper and realized that the girls were being very quiet.  Like, the kind of quiet where you steel your nerves and remind yourself to have patience with whatever you find.  I peeked over the stub wall and saw this:


Abby is reading to Grace, pointing things out in books while Gracelyn enthusiatically agrees with everything she says.
A: This puppy looks like Ellie, don’t you think
G: Yeah!  Ehl-ly! Yeah!

Be still my heart.

Although nature, fate, and whatever else played a big part, I feel like the best thing I ever did for my girls was to give them a sister close in age.  My sister and I are two years apart, so I know that while this time may be sweet, there are probably rough roads (laden with teenage hormones) ahead.  That being said, I choose to live in the here and now.


These two really are the best of friends.  Certainly, they fight and argue, but most of the time they play together so nicely.  Abby usually constructs an elaborate game and draws Gracie in, and Gracie is more than happy to join in.


I have started calling Gracelyn ” two second delay” because she copies everything that Abrielle does.  Even Abby says “she always like to do what I do” because it is true!  Abby is learning that also means she needs to set a good example for her sister.  Unfortunately, these two get in much too much mischief together and while it warms my heart to see them working as a team, I don’t necessarily love the aftermath!


My heart is full to bursting with love for these girls, not only as individuals, but as sisters.  I never doubted I could love a second baby as much as I loved Abby, but I also didn’t realize how the complexity of my love could change.  Seeing each girl as a sister makes me swell with even more love than I could have ever imagined.  It is a role they will always have, for all their lives, and I hope they are always as good of friends, and love each other as much as they do now.


They comfort one another when they are sad, kiss owies when the other hurts, share snacks to make the other happy and drive one another crazy.  I feel so blessed to call these two little dolls mine:-)




You be the bird, I’ll be the feather
We’ll be the best of friends forever

One Response to “Sisters”

  1. Tawnya Faust July 24, 2014 at 7:55 pm #

    I love this and I love watching your girls together, it just melts me! So sweet:) xo

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